logo Fête Du Livre -  Autun

Fête Du Livre - Autun Reviewed Jan 20, 2019

was satisfied with the relevance of the roundtables.

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Luc D. Independant
Visitor Edition 2016

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ADF Congres Reviewed Jan 19, 2019

Very satisfied (Overall Impression)


Recommendations +5 Most liked features +6
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EL Bekkay H. Chirurgien Dentiste
Visitor Edition 2018

recommends 14th Conference of the European Council of Enterostomal Therapists (ECET) for business development.

Recommendations +3 Most liked features +6
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Aksek J. Alcim
logo SIHH

SIHH Reviewed Jan 19, 2019

Satisfied (Overall Impression)
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Sara L. Lombardsara@outlook.com
Visitor Edition 2019

BATIMOI Reviewed Jan 18, 2019

Satisfied (Overall Impression)

"bon salon ressorti avec de bon conseil pour les travaux de mon domicile."

Room for improvement +5
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Eric L. Mecanicien sncb
Visitor Edition 2018