Bestrade Widget Ultra targeting solution to reach all your prospects

Nothing more effective for qualified leads generation.

Each month, Bestrade Widget displays more than 150 million of events to more than 25 million professionals through our B2B partners network.

By publishing your event in Bestrade Widget, you ensure an effective presence exclusively to companies in your industry.

Take all advantages of Bestrade Widget:

  • Highlight of your event among those of your domain.
  • No filters by date.
  • Permanent display with your future attendees.
  • Direct link to your event page.
  • Configurable targeting parameters (domains, geographical area ...).
  • Multilingual display.
  • Free choice of the desired number of displays.

Generate qualified leads • Increase your sales quickly

Every week, we generate more than ✔ 5,000 qualified leads for our partners.

5 Tips for Increased Event Visibility

  1. Update the information on your page regularly.

    On average, a user visits your page 4 times before making contact. Update your information regularly to show your news to your visitors.

  2. Invite your community to recommend your event.

    The more recommendations you have, the more vibility you'll get for your event page in our various tools to reach your future participants.

  3. Share your event page on your social networks.

    By sharing your page, you offer your future attendees condensed, structured and high value content to convince them to attend your event.

  4. Upgrade your event page to Premium display.

    Premium Event Page allows you to disable unwanted items such as ads or competitors, and to have full access to contact information from all your leads.

  5. Use our free Bestrade Smart Survey solution

    The Bestrade Smart Surveys allow you to eliminate public recommendations to the benefit of those of your qualified attendees. More over, thanks to its real-time dashboard, you gain valuable feedback analysis time.

Bestrade Agenda

Bestrade Advertising Take advantage of Ads Solutions on Bestrade

Wallpaper Homepage

For maximum visibility guaranteed

Promote your image and show your presence to everyone. ESSENTIAL!

Featured Events

For enhanced presence

Post your events at one of the homepage to be visible immediately by all bestrade visitors. Choose to be displayed in 1st, 2nd or 3rd line and more, depending on your budget.

The display of featured events adapts itself to the areas of industry indicated by registered users. Your event insert will therefore be presented first to users in your area of activity.

Events recently reviewed are automatically featured for free on the homepage. Invite your community to recommend your events for free homepage visibility.

Event Pages

To be seen everywhere

Benefit from the maximum visibility solution on Bestrade. With more than 1,000,000 pages of events posted each month to professionals around the world, you are sure to reach your goals effectively.

Advertiser blocks

2 dedicated slots according to your budget:
- Rectangle: your ad integrated above the general information of the events for an optimal visibility on the page,
- Banner R1: Your ad integrated below the ratings & reviews

Solutions & Services

Focus on your business. An area dedicated to focus on your activity, positioned just below the R1 Banner.

General information about Bestrade visibility solutions

  • All our solutions are available in two languages: French and English. Adapt your visuals, texts, and action links according to the language.
  • All our solutions are responsive and optimized for smartphone and tablet formats.
  • The R1 and R2 banner formats offer two types of displays: integrated and display. The integrated format is unobtrusive for integration into our more efficient graphic charter. If you choose the display format, a charge applies.
  • The rates presented below do not take into account the benefits provided by the PREMIUM accounts.
  • The CPM is the duty free rate for 1,000 displays. Your budget therefore sets the maximum number of displays available.


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