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The place to be

Capture attention and attract more qualified participants by making your event more visible and compelling.

Lasting e-reputation

Highlight strengths of your events thanks to qualified reviews and recommendations shared by your participants.

Attendees experience

Analyze all feedback from your participants to move your offerings closer to their needs and improve their experience.

Simple and structured pages for all your events

Benefit from tailored and professional mini-site to present each of your events and communicate effectively with your future participants.

Detailed description

Introduce your events in a clear, professional and structured way. Centralize your online presence with Bestrade.

Picture gallery

Download and post your high resolution pictures in the gallery of your event page. Illustrate the quality of your exhibition areas.


Integrate your ticketing service directly into your event pages: terms, pricing, registration, etc.

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Offer visibility to all your exhibiting companies and present your sponsors and event partners in a few minutes!

Schedule & Highlights

Publish your complete event's program in a few clicks and focus on the highlights of your event.

Integrated video

Integrate your videos directly into your event page from popular video hosting services like YouTube.

Key figures & trends

Publish the key figures of your events and their previous editions. Your event is certified by a recognized organization? Highlight it!


Your event page is automatically optimized when displayed on mobile and tablet devices to keep all your information.

Focus on your strengths and your participants' reviews and feedback

Stay tuned for your participants, analyze their feedback, meet their expectations and show your commitment to the event community through your performance and strengths.

Integrated survey

Collect public reviews and feedback directly from your event page using the built-in customizable questionnaire.

Smart Survey

Collect private reviews and feedback of your qualified attendees with the new generation of designed Smart Surveys.

Review notifications

Receive instant notifications with each new shared feedback on your events.

Customizing surveys

Add or edit public and private questions to otpimize and improve your attendees' feedback.

Reviews analysis and synthesis

Track and analyse in real-time your attendees' feedback with the dedicated dashboard and analysis tools. Download your performances report and key indicators.

Reviews export

Create your specific performance indicators and customer segments by uploading your feedback data into your own analytics tool.

Highlight relevant reviews

Select the most relevant reveiws to put forward on your event page.

Widget Bestrade Review

Display your attendees' reviews & feedback directly on your website in just a few clicks.

Stay tuned to your attendees & capture leads

Stay connected with your audience and get closer to your future attendees to build a lasting relationship of trust.

Responses to reviews

Answer publicly to your attendees' feedback or thank them in one click for building a strong relationship of trust.

Scenario contact form

Automate the processing of user requests with the scripted contact form (condition on the recipient, validation action, answering with Bestrade messaging system ...) depending on the profile of the visitor and its needs.

Social networks integration

Built-in Widgets for Facebook and Twitter, as well as one-click sharing buttons on your social networks make it easy to integrate your event page to your media accounts and develop your digital presence.

Internal instant messaging

Build a relationship of trust with your participants by communicating directly with them from instant messaging.

Premium Page Advantages


Showcase your events in search results, add visuals, highlight your exhibitors and sponsors to hold the attention of our users.


Highlight on the Bestrade homepage and in the search listing, better ranking on Bestrade & in the SERPs.

No Ads. No Competitors

Turn off the displays of ads and competitors on your event pages.

Lead Generation

Ticketing retargeting, integrated contact form and unlimited messaging so you don't miss a single lead.

Featured Reviews

Get notified to new comments about your events and highlight the most relevant reviews to present your strengths.

Premium Features

Notifications, integration of your Facebook and Google Ads campaign tracking pixels, and more.