Event guidelines

Bestrade Community
December 12, 2017

Simple rules to post page events and showcase related information on their event page:

Event registration guidelines

Events must be for businesses, not the general public.
Bestrade is a business platform used by professionals and businesses. Therefore, we only list business events like trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, etc. Others events like concerts, festivals, parties, workshops, etc. are not allowed.

Events must not be private.
The events listed on Bestrade are all public events. Therefore, we do not allow private events and invitation-only events.

Events must not be discriminatory or prohibited by law.
Events that are unethical, controversial, contested or restricted by laws and government agencies, or that could harm in any way to any business, community, religion, government or person, directly or indirectly, cannot be listed on Bestrade.

Events must have a fixed duration.
The events published on Bestrade must have a set start date and end date.

Events already listed on Bestrade must not be recreated or duplicated.
If an event exists on Bestrade and you are the organizer, claim it so you can make changes to the listing. Bestrade reserves the right to delete duplicate events.

Event page content guidelines

Event Name: The title of the event must not contain the year or edition: this information must be specified for each edition of the event (see the edition tab on the event page).
Topics:It is strongly advised to assign at least 3 topics to each event so that they are referenced correctly by the search engine and related pages on Bestrade.
Text content: The event description and tagline must be written in English and/or French. The content description must not be duplicated from another site, as we want to avoid duplication.
Urls: The event website URL must point directly to the official event site, except in specific cases expressly approved by Bestrade.

Videos & Photos: We will not accept images depicting violence, drug use, nudity, or any other suggestive or discriminatory acts. Also, we will not approve videos or photos that disparage other events, organizers, venues, or Bestrade.

Event Dates & Editions: : Use only one event for all editions. Do not duplicate an event or modify it to add a new date! Please simply create a new edition for the existing event in the "editions" tab of the event.