Our Ultimate Guide for a Perfect Event Page

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March 8, 2019

Bestrade is important for the acquisition and engagement of your attendees. Every month, thousands of professionals read reviews and recommendations of last participants to decide to participate or not to an event.

In addition, with several tens of millions of events posted monthly with targeted companies , Bestrade brings visibility to thousands of trade shows, fairs and conferences like yours.

If you have not published your events on Bestrade yet, you’re missing out on a serious way to highlight your events. So how to create an must-attend Bestrade event page?

To answer this question, we have created a handy infographic that breaks down the different features available on the Bestrade events pages and especially how to get the most out of them.

Whether you're posting an event for the first time on Bestrade or just looking for tips on how to improve your existing event's pages, this infographic is for you.

1. Highlight the identity of your event

The identity of your event is essential to distinguish you at first sight. The name of your event and its logo are two inseparable main aspects to keep the attention of your visitors.

a. Event Name and Acronym

To improve readability, SEO and search results, the format " Name in full letters - acronym " must be privileged (example: My Magic Show – MMS).
If possible, do not include dates or places in the name of your events.

b. Up-to-date event logo

Upload the latest version of your event logo to give it an air of authenticity and to let visitors know they are in the right place.

c. Engaging custom cover image

Add a high-quality image to differentiate your page and showcase your event.

d. Geolocated exhibition place

Complete the exhibition location of your event. Thanks to the geolocation, your event will be displayed in priority to our users close to you or having informed your field of activity in their preferences.

2. Add a detailed description of your event

a. Photo gallery

Post photos from previous editions of your event to illustrate the quality of your exhibit space and help future attendees picture themselves attending or exhibiting at your event.

b. Use a Relevant Event Tagline

Present your event in one sentence. This must summarize your event and capture the attention. Use relevant keywords to maximize your SEO on Bestrade and search engines.

c. Full Event Information

Present your event in details. To keep the attention of your audience and focus interest, indicate the reasons why your event is unavoidable and will certainly meet the expectations of your audience.
Avoid duplicating the content of your website. Your SEO will be improved with a unique presentation. Use the "Practical Information" section to detail the terms and conditions of access to your event (opening hours, entry requirements, registration procedures, facilities and access to the exhibition place).

d. Event Typology and Industries

Indicate your industry areas. The more areas you cover, the more your event will be visible on Bestrade. This information is essential to effectively figure in our targeted B2B advertising solutions. Do not forget to complete the typology of the event, its frequency and scope, that will allow you to be targeted by your audience in the search tools.

3. Convert your visits by completing your contact information and online ticketing

Improve interaction with your visitors by presenting your offerings, and generate qualified leads and maximize your sales with your contact information integrated.

a. Ticketing

Add all the tickets and prices proposed for your event, as well as the link to your ticket office online. This information is essential for visitors and represents a real means of direct conversion.

b. Contact information

Enter your contact information. This information is essential to be contacted directly by the visitors of your event page thanks to our integrated contact module.

c. Social channels highlighted

Give your future participants to learn more about your event by linking to your official social networking accounts and and embedding a preview of your social feeds.

You have a youtube channel? Fill in your account and integrate a video preview directly on your page.

4. Manage Reviews and Ratings

80% of conversions for online purchases are made after consulting reviews and ratings. The field of events is no exception to the rule. Invite your community to share their experiences and showcase your strengths!

In addition, the opinions and recommendations on your pages improve your SEO and you will appear directly in the search results related to the needs of our users, as well as in our intelligent assistant, very sought after by our users.

a. Showcase your strengths and recommendations

Collect the reviews and ratings of your qualified attendees, either publicly from your event page or with the next generation Bestrade Smart Surveys *.

b. Be Responsive

Be transparent and show that you are always looking for ways to improve your events by regularly responding to reviews, both positive and negative.

c. Review featured *

Your event received a review that perfectly summarizes the benefits and strengths of your event? Select it to put it forward to make sure it is the first one displayed to your visitors.

5. Add your additional information

Fill in your information to keep the attention of your visitors. The following information will help them better understand your event and identify contacts, programs and services immediately to convince to participate.

a. Exhibitors & Sponsors

List your exhibiting companies and sponsors to thank them for their participation and support by giving them visibility. It is also a very requested information.

b. Program & Highlights

Describe your complete program and the highlights of your events in a few clicks.

c. Services & Facilities

Indicate the services, facilities and other packed solutions that you offer to your participants.

d. Key Figures & Trends

Publish the key figures of your events and their previous editions. Your event is certified by a recognized organization? Put it forward!

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You organize several events?

It is useful to create your organizer page which will list all your published events. To do this, search your organizer page in our database and associate it with your event. If you can not find it, you can create one for free and update its information as well. Linking your event pages to your organizer page greatly improves your SEO and allows your visitors to quickly identify all of your events.