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Launch of « Bestrade Share & Win »

Bestrade announces the launch of “Bestrade Share & Win”: Share an event page and win one month advertising (worth 300€) on this page!

Article 1: Purpose and course of the offer

This offer takes place over a period of one month, from 2018/02/08 to 2018/03/08. This offer is totally free offer without obligation to purchase. No payment will be required during this offer.
This offer is reserved for professionals attending events (exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences, forums ...), as visitors or exhibitors.

Article 2: Rules of the offer

To benefit from this offer, the user will have to:

  1. Register on bestrade and validate registration. Registering on bestrade is totally FREE, by following the steps on this link:
  2. Once connected, find the event page of your choice with our search engine. If you can not find your event, please indicate us here:
  3. On the event page, in the top banner below the event logo, indicate how you attended the event with the button ‘I will be there” or “I was there”. You can save the event to your favorites too.
  4. Then, click on the “share” button in the right side of the banner, and choose the sharing network: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. Comment and insert the following text in your comment: “More information on”
  5. After sharing, contact us by email (, with the following information:
    a. Link to your share
    b. Image of your activity: jpg or png, 336x140px format
    c. Redirection url
  6. CONGRATULATIONS ! Your announce is online for a duration of one month

Article 3: Exclusions

This offer excluded:

  • Organisers of events registered on bestrade
  • Venues registered on bestrade
  • Professionals who don’t attend events
  • Private people
  • Solutions and services dedicated to event industry
  • Inappropriate contents. Each picture will be validated by our team before publishing
  • Inappropriate redirection url. Each link will be validated by our team before publishing

Article 4: Limitations

This offer is limited to 5 events a month by validated user
This offer is limited to 10 professional announces by event page