The concept

Create and launch an efficient and well-designed survey in less than 5 minutes

  • Create your event survey

    Customize the title, look & feel, or even the dates for your survey in a few seconds.

  • Choose among questions selected by our algorithm

    You can un-select some of the questions pre-selected for your event.

  • Generate a unique URL and send your survey

    Share the link to your survey with your participants. The question list will automatically adjust based on their profile.

  • Your participants respond to the survey in only a few clicks

    There is no need for them to submit the responses as they are automatically recorded and stored.

  • Review & analyze results qualitatively and quantitatively

    All responses are reported in real-time in your Bestrade Smart Survey dashboard.

  • Download and share your performance report

    Download all answers in CSV format to analyze them with your own tools. Share the PDF of your performance report.


Pre-selected by our team


about business impact and overall organization


To go through your survey

How does it work?

Targeted questions and interface design aimed at increasing response rates

Our algorithm takes into account the event type and category, the participant's profile, already gathered feedback and on our expertise so as to ensure you are asking the right questions of the right people at the right time.

Bestrade Smart Survey guarantees you high response rates and meaningful answers which can be easily and quickly interpreted by your team to develop action plans.

CSV Export
of collected feedback
PDF Export
of the performance report

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