logo Georgia Bridal Show - South Atlanta
logo Georgia Bridal Show - South Atlanta

Brides are able to meet face to face with wedding professionals and find everything you need to create the wedding of your

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You've been online searching wedding ideas and trends. Now it's time to see all of this come to life at theGeorgia Bridal Show! Don't leave your dream wedding to chance...Meetface to facewith wedding professionals, and find everything you need in one place and in one day!Meet the photographer behind the photos, taste the cake and food, listen to the music of the DJ, see the gowns and tuxedos in person, talk to a honeymoon specialist about the right trip for your budget and so much more!See the South's award-winningbridal fashion showproductionat4:00pmwith professional models, dancers, recording artists and live entertainment!

The next event will be January 13, 2019 .

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Georgia Bridal Show - South Atlanta

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2019 Venue

Georgia International Convention Center

2000 Convention Center Concourse
30337 Atlanta
United States


Roswell United States

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