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NCOF's popular week long summer programs offer youth ages 3-17 ten weeks of amazing opportunities to engage with the farm and to help run it!

Public International Twice a year or more

Forest Explorers (Ages 3.5-5)
With the Forest Explorers, children discover the woods as a place of magic and make-believe through song, play, and storytelling. Build a fort, bake a mud-pie, make a leaf collage, or splash in the pond. Each week, the Forest Explorers fill the woods with wonder and laughter.

Budding Farmers (Ages 4-5)
The day of a Budding Farmer is filled with exploration and imagination. As our youngest group on the farm, Budding Farmers discover this fascinating place with all five senses. Guided by intrepid naturalist-agrarian educators, expect your child to build their powers of observation while immersing themselves in the farm landscape.

Young Farmers (Ages 6-7)
Young Farmers discover that though small they can make a big difference on the farm. We challenge our students to jump in and try new things like entering an animal enclosure to improve the pasture, pushing a wheelbarrow for the first time, or eating a salad they picked themselves!

Growing Farmers (Ages 8-9)
Growing Farmers are ready to be part of the farm. Whether it's making some mint tea after weeding a fence line, singing a song while stacking some wood, or holding the second annual Forest Stream Regatta, these youngsters experience the breadth and depth of farm life.

Junior Working Farmers (Ages 10-11)
The Junior Working Farmer program touches all aspects of farm life. One day they are carpenters, fixing a sticky gate. The next day they might be engineers finding the gradient for a storm drain. And everyday they curate and polish market stand.

Working Farmers (Ages 12-14)
Working Farmers powering every dimension of the growing process. Seeding, weeding, cultivating, harvesting, selling- they are hands on at every step. Working right alongside our expert growers, kids learn where their food comes from and how to grow it.

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Practical Info

Forest Explorers, Young Farmers, Budding Farmers -Member: USD 180.0,
Forest Explorers, Young Farmers, Budding Farmers -NON Member: USD 216.0,
Growing Farmers - Member: USD 210.0,
Growing Farmer - NON Member: USD 252.0,
Junior Working Farmer, Working Farmer - Member: USD 245.0,
Junior Working Farmer, Working Farmer - NON Member: USD 298.0

logo Organic Farming Summer Program
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