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Congress of the French Cancer Society

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The Cancer ( Oncology ) in its broadest sense is becoming over the years more and more complex , whether the pathophysiological understanding of tumors, their various clones and plasticity thereof , tumor - stroma relationship , tumor stem cells, the role of energy metabolism ...
These new tracks represent indisputable progress and feed a variety of new diagnostic and prognostic markers and therapeutic targets with which , in turn , generate the rational design of effective treatments . This dense research activity leads to the development of new modalities and therapeutic strategies and to always improve multidisciplinary and multimodal management of patients.

The next event will be January 16 - 19, 2019 .

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2019 Venue

Palais des Congrès de Paris - Porte Maillot

2, place de la Porte Maillot
75017 Paris

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